Design'n'Buy Support Contract
Posted by DNB Support on 07 June 2016 12:26 PM

The SUPPORT CONTRACT enables Your Company to avail of support for specific period, subject to the terms and conditions specified in this document. 



  1. Support will be available on all working days between 09:00 AM and 11:00 PM IST (Indian Standard Time, UTC +05:30).

  2. Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays are considered to be non-working days.

  3. Operational support will be provided only on an offsite basis during the support period. 

  4. Technical support will be provided as outlined in the support process section. Technical support of the Software Product includes:

  • Debugging of the Software Product in order to eliminate detected errors

  • Consulting with respect to use of the Software Product

  1. DNB personnel will strive to keep the resolution time to a minimum. However, a resolution time for this kind of support is highly dependent on the nature of bug and the effort required in correcting and delivering the bug fix.  As part of the SUPPORT CONTRACT, we expect the client to acknowledge and understand the potentially idiosyncratic nature of any bug or error in the product. Recognizing this, the turnaround times set forth in the SUPPORT CONTRACT and meeting these timelines 90% of the time, constitutes the targeted goals of support to be provided by DNB.
  2. It is necessary that the client-side personnel cooperate with the support engineers by providing any required information, send across screenshots of errors, or carry out instructions related to the product.  We will be unable to provide effective support without the active cooperation of the client.

  3. The SUPPORT CONTRACT is towards providing technical support only for those products and customizations supplied by DNB. Other software/extension or hardware products supplied by other vendors with which our products might interface or interact are not covered under the SUPPORT CONTRACT. Also, The SUPPORT CONTRACT covers the support for Magento application requests which can be sufficed based on default Magento feature and default Magento installation. The SUPPORT CONTRACT excludes the support for request based on Server, SSL or Hardware configuration issues.

  4. Any items not especially mentioned in the list above will not be covered by the SUPPORT CONTRACT and will be considered as additional works and services which includes:

    1. Installation of the Software Product on new server or changing of the domain license.

    2. Debugging and fixing any bugs/issues generated by any kind of changes in codebase or software functionality done by client or any one of his authorized representative.

    3. Troubleshooting of the server, on which the Software Product is installed, and elimination of the detected reasons of incorrect server operation.

    4. Execution of additional works and rendering additional services is performed upon the request and paid for separately in accordance with determined fee.

  5. In case of discontinuing the SUPPORT CONTRACT, the SUPPORT CONTRACT shall be renewed from the date of expiry of the previous SUPPORT CONTRACT or from the date of expiry of warranty period, as the case might be. 

  6. For support services not covered under the SUPPORT CONTRACT, terms and conditions apply.



  1. The client logs a support request on our help desk website available at

  2. The support person will review the support request and respond within shortest duration possible as per SLA.

  3. The response can either be a resolution to the request or a request for additional information.

  4. If the request is related to an issue in the software

  • The support person may call the client via Skype or phone and try and address the request.

  • If a resolution is not possible over Skype, phone or mail, a support engineer will take direct access to the production environment to address the request.

  1. If the request is not related to an issue in the software (request is outside the scope of the SUPPORT CONTRACT)

  • The support person will inform the client about this. This information will be updated on the request.

  • If the work in minor in nature (as determined by the support person), the charges for the same will also be mentioned. On agreement and release of PO, a person will be scheduled to complete the job on a mutually agreeable date.

  • In case the work in not minor, the request will be forwarded to the Project Team for further review. The Project Team will revert with information on feasibility and an effort estimate for the same. This will then be handled as a separate customization project outside the scope of this SUPPORT CONTRACT.

  • The above-mentioned SLAs do not apply for work that is outside the scope of this SUPPORT CONTRACT.

  1. In case the solution provided is not acceptable to the client, the client will update this on the same request on the help desk website.

  2. In case the client is not satisfied with the resolution, the request can be escalated to the Project Manager whose contact details are mentioned below.

  3. Once the request is addressed and closed, the client should close the request on help desk website.

  4. In case the client does not respond to a request in three working days, the support person will close the request.

  5. The client can re-open the request or log a fresh request at a later point of time.

  6. In case the client wishes to make a call via phone or skype, the calls should be made only to the support contact details provided below.

  7. In case the client wishes to send a mail, mails are to be sent to the support email id mentioned below.

  8. Support requests logged on help desk website will be given priority over support requests made over the telephone, skype and / or through mail.




 Response Time

 Resolution Time

 Critical and Major Issues

 1 Business Day

 Within 1 Business Day 90% of the  time.

 Minor & Cosmetic Issues 

 1 Business Day

 Within 3 Business Days 90% of the  time.


Issue Classification


  • Any defect that makes the software unusable without resorting to restarting the software either by terminating the software, exiting the software and/or rebooting the hardware. 

  • Database corruption or hardware failures

  • Serious performance problems


  • A module is rendered unusable but the rest of the system is functional

  • A highly used feature is unusable

  • Software malfunction that produces/records incorrect information and is critical to functioning of the system.


  • Less frequently used feature is rendered unusable.

  • Software malfunction that produces/records incorrect information but not critical to functioning of the system.


  • Spelling & grammar mistakes

  • UI discrepancies: display format, alignment, color, fonts, etc.

Please download the attached document for further information. 

 DNB Support Contract.pdf (448.98 KB)
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