All-In-One-Designer HTML5 - Release Notes V2.6
Posted by Design'N'Buy Support on 14 September 2017 09:02 PM

The document communicates the new features and changes in this release of the All-In-One Designer - HTML5. It also documents known problems and workarounds.


Product Designer Plug-in specific Features

  • Quick Edit: User can change color of the product by color custom option dropdown on product detail page for quick edit product.

New Features

     Common Features to both Product Designer Plug-in and Canvas Designer Plug-in

  • Source Image Upload Thumbnail Display: When user uploads ready artwork file on product details page, we display its thumbnail for reference. The allowable file formats for upload are: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, psd, ai, txt, doc, xls, xlsx, docx, ico, rar, zip, gz, tar

For jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, psd, ai - preview will be generated

For txt, doc, xls, xlsx, docx, ico, rar, zip, gz, tar - icon will be displayed

  • Manual assignment of vendor in order: While creating a product, in Custom Canvas/Custom Product settings, there will be an additional tab to configure whether order assignment to vendor for this particular product will be manual/automatic. If set automatic, then if any end customer places order for the particular product, that order will be automatically assigned to configured vendor. However if set manual, the super admin can manually assign a vendor if he wants from order details page. When any vendor login to his vendor account, then he would be able to see and manage all orders assigned to him manually or automatically.
  • Hot Folder Configuration for Vendor: In vendor configuration, now you can setup hot folder FTP information, and from product configuration hot folder settings, you can configure to push order files directly to vendor location (hot folder) for any particular product.
  • Hot Folder Global Settings: Admin can decide if feature to publish print ready order files in to hot folder will be on/off. If turned off, the order assets will be saved on a default location on server only. However if turned on, the order assets will be saved on designated hot folder along with local server. There will be two settings for hot folder- Order Wise and Product Wise (Global settings).
  1. Order Wise – A new folder will be created for each unique order and all order files for each item ordered will be saved in it.
  2. Product Wise – Each product will have a folder with product id on defined hot folder path. Now all orders for that particular product will be saved in this folder marked by respective order id.
    Output assets will also include order details in pre-defined xml format along with print ready artwork files. Also, hot folder can be configured on the same server where application is running or on any remote server.
  • Hot Folder Product Level Settings: Admin can override hot folder settings at product level. It has following settings:
  1. Hot Folder Location – Follow global settings or hot folder location of the assigned vendor.
  2. Set Folder Naming Convention? – Yes = Product Configuration, No = Global Configuration
  • Output Folder Naming Configuration: Admin can define naming convention for order folder creation globally or at each product level. Output folder naming can contain a prefix, a postfix and some of the order attributes (Order id/Item Id) in the middle for naming print ready output files generated while placing orders. The order folder and order zip name would be prefix_middle_postfix
  • Order Workflow Management: By default, Magento uses order state internally for processing order, whereas order status are used by store owners to understand the exact order flow where one state can be assigned to multiple statuses.  Both order states and statuses are different. State is used by Magento to tell if the order is new, processing, complete, on hold, closed, canceled, etc.; while Statuses are the one that YOU would be defining at the backend in System -> Order Statuses. Magento displays order STATUSES and not STATES in the backend order detail page to let you know which status is assigned as per your mapping.

Remember, multiple statuses can be assigned to one order state while vice versa is not possible and it’s compulsory to define one default status assigned to a state. Only the default custom order status values are applied in the order management workflow. The custom status values that are not set as default are available only in the comments section in the order view in the Admin.

However, in printing, each printable product/item can have different printing process and related production status; hence instead of using one single order status, we need item/product specific status management. Hence we have ignored Magento standard order status feature and implemented a new order item status concept so that admin can manage production status of each ordered item individually.

Also, as printing process may involve different stakeholders at each stage of the production, we have offered a feature to define workflow roles and users where admin can create multiple roles and define multiple order status permission for each role. Now admin can create workflow users and assign any workflow role to each user.  When a workflow user log-in to admin panel, he can only see those orders whose production status matches to his assigned workflow role.

To offer this feature following modules have been created:        

  1. Designnbuy -> Production Status ->Manage Production Status Group
  2. Designnbuy -> Production Status -> Manage Production Status
  3. Designnbuy -> Worflow Management ->Workflow Role
  4. Designnbuy -> Worflow Management ->Workflow User
  5. Sales -> Production Status Report
  6. Dashboard -> Production Status

Canvas Designer Plug-in Specific Features

  • Support for Text Area Editing: To support paragraphs and provide better text editing support in the design studio, this enhanced feature has been introduced. In the ‘Add Text’ textbox, now users can add paragraphs with auto-wrap and auto-fit features.
  • Deprecated Features

Bugs Resolved

  • Android download preview issue - When customer tries to download preview PDF file for the first time then a new web page appears with TCPDF error page.
  • For the products with “Hide Price” set to “yes”, in some scenarios the feature is not working properly.
  • When corporate admin edits a job request and creates order then print ready output files are not proper.
  • For merchandise products, when a customer adds product to quotation cart and creates order then it adds same item twice.
  • When corporate admin creates a order from quote request, credit limit error message appears.


  • As safari browser on Windows does not support SVG filters properly so features for product color change and blur object does not work properly.
  • For printing/canvas products in canvas design studio, in product settings only those custom options will work whose data type will be either dropdown or radio button or checkbox. Custom options for Size, Sides, Background Color and Corner only dropdown will work.
  • Design studio does not work properly below IE (Internet Explorer) Version 10 or IE Edge.
  • Flip feature will not work on text objects.
  • For “Quick Edit” feature, maximum two sides are allowed for personalization.
  • For VDP products, in canvas design studio the feature of “Import Data” is not supported on iOS mobile devices.
  • While creating a design template with VDP feature, if admin imports SVG file for template, any text in that SVG cannot be used or marked as VDP field. Admin has to manually create VDP fields within template builder only.
  • 3D preview feature only works for products with single side/page for personalization.

Future Enhancements

  • Name/Number feature in product design studio.
  • Bulk import/export for design ideas, design templates and customizable products.