All-In-One-Designer HTML5 - Release Notes V2.7
Posted by Design'N'Buy Support on 22 September 2017 11:30 AM
1. Upgrades
  • Performance Optimization: JS and CSS optimization on application and web server level.
2. New Features
Common Features to both Product Designer Plug-in and Canvas Designer Plug-in
Smart Fields:
Using our multi-template feature, the web to print store admin can create and offer multiple design templates for a product thus giving numerous design options to end-users to create their personalized product. However, in earlier version (V2.6), in order to preview any design with their own information like name, company name, logo etc. end-users had to open each template in design studio and edit information. It was not possible to preview all templates at once by editing their common personal information only once. Hence to overcome this limitation and to offer better user experience we are introducing concept of “smart fields”.
This feature will work for both types of products i.e. printing products and merchandize products.

In front-end store, the feature can be used by end users, in 2 ways:

1. by clicking on any category/sub-category from website menu: This will load all products configured in that category. Those products which are configured as “Quick Edit Only” or “Personalize Only with Quick Edit” feature and have smart fields configured in their pre-load design template, can be previewed with personal information in one go on the same page. User can enter his personal information by filling-up a quick form by clicking on “Personalise Preview” button located in left panel on category (product listing) page. This form will list all fields marked as smart fields for products available in selected category. Now, once as user enters the information and clicks on “See Your Information” button, preview of all the eligible products will be updated with personalized information. Later user can choose any product and personalize it further for placing order.

As the product listing page can contain products with pre-load templates or without it, the smart fields will be applied to only products with a pre-load template.

2. On product details page by choosing any printing product with multiple templates: On product details page, if admin has configured multiple design templates for chosen product, with smart fields, the “Personalise Preview” option will be available in header for template listing section to use this feature..

In admin panel, admin can create multiple smart fields and assign each one to multiple products or product categories to enable smart field feature on category (product listing) page. Vice versa, admin can open any product as well as category settings and assign multiple smart fields to it in one go. In addition, admin can assign any smart field to multiple design templates to enable this feature on product details page and vice-versa. Admin can configure smart fields feature with following modules:

1. Designnbuy -> Manage Smart Fields -> Manage Smart Fields: Manage a common pool of smart fields. A smart field can be setup as a text field or an image. From manage smart fields panel, admin can assign it to multiple products, to multiple product categories as well as to multiple design templates.

It’s important to assign a smart field to required product or product category to enable it on that category (product listing) page and product details page, as the form for smart fields is created based on smart fields available for chosen category or product.

Now, smart fields should also be assigned to desired design templates, and once assigned to any design template or design idea, they will be available to admin for configuration while creating that design template using template builder.

So, when a category page is loaded the smart fields form is displayed based on the smart fields assigned to that chosen category. And once user inputs the value for those (or any) smart fields, the preview of all those products that have a pre-load template with matching assigned smart fields gets updated with user input value of the smart field.
Similarly, when a product details page with multiple design template configuration is loaded, the smart fields form is displayed based on the smart fields assigned to that chosen product. And once user inputs the value for those (or any) smart fields, the preview of all available design templates with matching assigned smart fields gets updated with user input value of the smart fields.

2. The assignment of smart fields to product and product categories is 2 ways. Hence, admin can also assign multiple smart fields in one go to a product category (Catalog -> Manage Categories -> Manage Smart Fields) or product (Catalog -> Manage Products -> Manage Smart Fields) directly from catalog panel.

3. Now, when admin creates the template, he gets an option to assign required smart fields to it from available pool of smart fields. Then inside template builder, for any text or image objects, admin gets an option to assign a valid and relevant smart field to it from available smart field options. This way he can bind any text field or image field to be a smart field.

3. Deprecated Features
  • None
4. Bugs Resolved
  • None
5. Known Bugs and Limitations

5.1 Limitations
  • As safari browser on Windows does not support SVG filters properly so features for product color change and blur object does not work properly.
  • For printing/canvas products in canvas design studio, in product settings only those custom options will work whose data type will be either dropdown or radio button or checkbox. Custom options for Size, Sides, Background Color and Corner only dropdown will work.
  • Design studio does not work properly below IE (Internet Explorer) Version 10 or IE Edge.
  • Flip feature will not work on text objects.
  • For “Quick Edit” feature, maximum two sides are allowed for personalization.
  • For VDP products, in canvas design studio the feature of “Import Data” is not supported on iOS mobile devices.
  • While creating a design template with VDP feature, if admin imports SVG file for template, any text in that SVG cannot be used or marked as VDP field. Admin has to manually create VDP fields within template builder only.
  • 3D preview feature only works for products with single side/page for personalization.
  • Smart field concept will not work for product filtering through search feature.
5.2 Known Bugs
  • Undo / redo feature works only for one side, when user changes the side, undo stack will become zero.
  • Printing price issue when user checkout with multiple address.
  • Hover on any objects added by user will show tooltip (“Layer 1”)
  • In iPhone5 on Safari browser, in cart details view, the product image does not display with customized design, it is shown as blank image.
  • In Firefox When rounded corner, user is not able to select object which are in bottom right corner.
  • In IE 11 [11.0.9600.17691] the QR Code will go outside the configurable area.
  • In checkout process of corporate user, there is credit /debit payment method validation issue when user checkout with multiple addresses
6. Future Enhancements
  • Name/Number feature in product design studio.
  • Bulk import/export for design ideas, design templates and customizable products.