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Merry Christmas
Posted by Design'N'Buy Support on 23 December 2017 06:39 PM
Merry Christmas
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Happy Thanks Giving
Posted by Design'N'Buy Support on 23 November 2017 07:01 PM

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Releasing All-in-One Designer – Version 2.7
Posted by Design'N'Buy Support on 20 September 2017 04:54 PM

IOD V2.7

With a commitment to deliver excellent user experience, AIOD V2.7 introduces “Smart Fields” feature through which you can create a pool of template fields, group them in various categories as per need and use them while designing product templates. This way all design templates belonging to a product or category of products can have some common smart fields. Now on your storefront, on both product listing page and product details page (where design templates are listed), all smart fields assigned to that category or product will be available in way of a form. User can open the form, fill-in those smart field values and see his information on all designs in one go. This way he can visualize his personal information as well as logo on multiple templates in one go and without needing to personalize each template one by one. User can then further personalize the any template with full design studio.

Excited? Contact our sales team today to get a personalized demo of the technology driven and one of the best web-to-print solution in the world.

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Design’N’Buy launches PrintCommerce Design Tool for Shopify

Personalization now a day is not only limited to printers but has become the way of life. Now most of the online stores are offering an array of personalized products & services to attract more customers. However many proprietary subscription based eCommerce solutions do not offer product personalization tools for the print service providers thus limiting their business prospects. One such popular eCommerce platform is Shopify.  Shopify is highly adoptive and easy to work with but it lacks sophisticated product personalization apps and features.

We, at Design’N’Buy even studied the design tools apps which are available right now on Shopify marketplace and found out that most of them are either basic and they even lack many useful features for personalization or are complex to implement. e.g. some of the apps create a new product every time the user personalizes a product and orders it, thus making it difficult for the storeowner to manage products that are not necessary which may be one-time delivery.

We recently had a lot of Shopify storeowners contacting us looking for the possibility of adopting PrintCommerce design tool in integration with their Shopify store. It was then that we planned to take this challenge and enable our industry’s leading design tool to work with Shopify. Today, finally our full-featured PrintCommerce design tool app is now available on Shopify marketplace for implementation. Shopify store owners can just download and install our app on their Shopify admin panel. Once this is done they can contact our sales team for purchase and configuration of the design studio to start offering customized/personalized products on their Shopify store along with their stock products.

With PrintCommerce Shopify Design Tool app, storeowners can now sell personalized products such as t-shirt, jersey, hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, cups, mugs, mats, bags, photo frames, mobile cases and much more.

The design tool is built on HTML5 and JavaScript that works on all devices, browsers and operating systems making it available anytime and everywhere.

By integrating our design tool app, Shopify storeowners can configure products to be personalized by customers using text, clipart or photo uploads. When orders are received, they will get print ready output files for personalized artwork which can go directly for printing, so that no more manual processing is required.

In addition, the admin can configure pre-decorated editable design templates so that customers with any level of graphics expertise can personalize the goods and order online. Our design tool also offers 3D preview of the personalized product for enhanced user experience and quick approval.

PrintCommerce Design Tool on Shopify comes with a completely integrated web to print admin panel that allows the storeowner to manage his own library of customizable products, fonts, clipart/designs and printing methods with exclusive color pallets.

Storeowner can also customize design tools look and feel with easy color configuration to match design studio color theme with his brand thus maintaining a consistent brand identity and user experience on his online store.

Well, this is not the end, there are still lot more useful features offered by Design’N’Buy Shopify app that has been developed based on years of experience and research on product personalization software.

You can even check out our demo Shopify store.

For more details contact our sales team and get a personalized demo of the app.

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Print Commerce is now fully mobile responsive !
Posted by Design'N'Buy Support on 08 September 2017 04:26 PM

PrintCommerce Design Tool is now Responsive!

One of the topmost appealing aspects of responsive web design is that a responsive website provides a consistent user-experience across all devices and screen sizes along with an awesome look and feel. Instead of investing separately in desktop web and mobile web, the latest technology trends suggests implementing a responsive web application to serve all your customers whether on desktop, laptops, tablets, smart phone or any hand-held devices.

Looking to this trend, and in an endeavour to offer a cutting edge technology enabled solution to our customers so that the end users of our applications get best online buying experience Design’N’Buy is proud to announce that their most popular design tool solution PrintCommerce is now fully mobile responsive. The design tool of PrintCommerce is now responsive and can adapt to any screen size with all features of desktop version and for consistent product personalization experience.

PrintCommerce can be configured to offer a wide range of ready-to-sell as well as personalized products online like t-shirts, jerseys, caps, mugs, bags, photo frames, shoes, apparels, mouse pads, buttons, bottles, etc through mobile devices too.

This new feature will definitely increase sale of personalized merchandise over mobile devices for our customers who are majorly print service providers and personalized merchandise vendors.

Contact our sales team for access to our live demo and personal consultancy to get your copy of PrintCommerce.

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ALL-IN-ONE DESIGNER Version 2.6 Release
Posted by Design'N'Buy Support on 08 September 2017 03:54 PM

DESIGN’N’BUY today released version 2.6 for their flagship product All-in-one Designer.

This upgrade is completely focused on making order processing and pre-press process smooth and fully automated. The enhanced features will help reduce the paper work or e-mail communication of your product team for processing an order thus increasing you staff efficiency and reducing order processing costs.

The important features in this upgrade release are as under:

  • Hot Folder Settings – On receipt of order, you can directly push production ready order files now to the designated folder on your FTP site. Any folder on local drive or any cloud server along with other order details can be configured. If you deal with multiple vendors and drop-shipment services, based on individual product configurations, push files on designated location for each assigned vendor.
  • Production Workflow Management – Upon receiving an order, the printing process may involve different stakeholders at each stage of the production. Hence we have offered this feature to admin where he can define different workflow roles and users. Admin can create various production status, create several groups with these product status based on steps of printing every distinct product type and assign it to each product. Then, admin can create roles and define multiple order status permission to each role along with restriction to what can be next status which can be set by that role. Once the production status and roles are set, admin can create workflow users and assign any workflow role to each user. When a workflow user log-in to admin panel, he can only see those orders whose production status matches to his assigned workflow role. This way admin can control visibility of orders to various teams in production department based on order status and control the process without manual intervention. He can also check production status reports at dashboard and detailed version for further analysis.
  • Artwork Upload – Now allow your customers to upload ready artwork file on product details page, we display its thumbnail for reference. The allowable file formats for upload are: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, psd, ai, txt, doc, xls, xlsx, docx, ico, rar, zip, gz, tar.

    For jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, psd, ai – preview will be generated.
    For txt, doc, xls, xlsx, docx, ico, rar, zip, gz, tar – icon will be displayed.

  • To support paragraphs and provide better text editing support in the design studio, this enhanced feature has been introduced. In the ‘Add Text’ text box, now users can add paragraphs with auto-wrap and auto-fit features.
  • Change product color on product details page for quick preview – User can change color of the product by color custom option drop-down on product detail page for quick edit product.

We hope that these powerful features will help website administrators to enhance their team productivity and reduce
order processing time significantly. For a personalized demo of these features, contact our sales team on

More to come, stay tuned.

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